What Makes VPS Perfect?


VPS is always the top choice of many people because of a variety of great characteristics, let read and discover what they are!

– Cloud Storage Technology: Cloud-based virtual server (Cloud VPS) services. This technology can ensure uptime 99%.

– Multi-tiered Security: Cloud VPS uses the latest multi-tiered security to ensure that cloud-based virtual servers are “full” on-line protection for both incoming and outgoing data on the system when communicating with external systems.

– Modern Infrastructure: The Cloud VPS infrastructure use a high-quality server system supporting dedicated processors.

– Easy Upgrade: If the users need to get more resources, they just create new virtual servers in the local system or raise the resource limits for virtual servers.

– Remote Access: All virtual servers have full remote access. Access Windows servers using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with the highest administrator account.Access the Linux server with full administrator privileges of the root account.

– Flexible Use: The virtual server system can be extended by adding new virtual servers or upgrading resources. Changing or upgrading the operating system is very easy because each VPS has different operating systems

– Rapid Deployment: Deploy a fast cloud server on the Cloud VPS resource management interface. Restore, install or reinstall new virtual servers very easily and quickly.

– Data Backup: The backup system when performing the task will back up the virtual server as a “snapshot” system to help ensure the status of system configuration and data. Besides, the configuration of the system will also be backed up automatically at the same time running the task.

– Cost:Virtual server service costs are determined by the number of Node resources including storage space, CPU, RAM, and monthly bandwidth.

– High Availability: Cloud VPS has a self-monitoring mechanism of the status of servers in the “cloud.” Not just that, customers will have a chance to enjoy the benefits of automatic switching between servers when one of the virtualization managers crashes and can not connect.

– Management System: is based on the Web-based technology. It has the simple, convenient and easy interface that allows users to manage all licensed resources as well as allocate resources for virtual servers.

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