VPS and Dedicated Hosting


A Dedicated Server is a high-end option for large websites or more resources than VPS. A Dedicated Server means renting a separate server placed in the system and using a service like VPS, but you will have more power, more resources, and better security.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a method of dividing a physical server into multiple virtual servers. VPS has higher performance than others many times.

Comparing Dedicated Virtual Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers

  1. Dedicated Server:

It can be said that the optimal solution for the website operation, e-mail system and other online solutions of the business.

  • Advantages: Businesses use a separate system, not shared with anyone, and especially the capacity of the server can be unlimited (based on technologies that combine the computing power of multiple servers. ), Without limiting the installation of specific software for specific industries.

  • Disadvantages:
  • Difficult to use for amateurs.
  • Self-administration server, if you rent the administration fee will pay the price of half the server rental.
  • Self-responsibility for your data.
  • High price.


  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS):
  • It is possible to understand VPS as a compromise solution between Share Hosting and Dedicated Server regarding both cost and how it works.
  • VPS works with resources shared across different partitions on a hardware node, but is completely independent of a dedicated server, with its own, non-image-based operating system and manager. The benefit of the other EasyServer with the Hardware Node and vice versa.
  • Enterprises using VPS virtual servers also have the highest privileges (Root Access) to administer the system in the most comprehensive, arbitrary installation, operation of any software on VPS, while this is the limit.

Which provider has the best service?

Currently, there are many providers of services on the server, when you choose the server should consult the need to use their resources to select the best package to avoid resource fees, also the main waste of your money. You can contact the service providers to be the best consultant. Don’t forget to choose the famous and reliable providers to get the best quality.

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