Top The Data Recovery Software You Should Try!

The list of the 7 best and simplest data recovery software below is what you should try once! In some situations, you can accidentally delete important files or documents, these types of software will help you recover them effectively and quickly, keep reading to know what they are!

The recovery software will reverse the action of file deletion in Windows, which marks them as undelete and you can use them normally, hereafter I would like to introduce you some of them!

1. Recuva (free)

Recuva is known as one of the most the leading free data recovery software in the market nowadays. It owns full features, even better when comparing to other paid software. Recuva data recovery software can recover formatted PC, deleted data, USB memory stick, file types, images, memory card, videos, emails and so on.

2. ESupport UndeletePlus

ESupport Undelete Plus also finds and restores all formatted or deleted data, and retrieves deleted data by DOS command and the Shift + Delete key of the USB drives, the memory device, memory cards, etc. ESupport Undelete Plus software will scan and list the deleted files automatically in groups based on the file type, displaying detailed parameters such as file name, last update, If you have not copied the new data.

3. Undelete Plus (trial)

Undelete Plus also can search and recover all deleted data on a partition as well as find the deleted data by Shift + Delete, DOS command or deleted files from the recycle bin.

After the scan, this software will automatically list the deleted files in groups based on the displaying detailed parameters such as last update, file name, size or file type, Undelete Plus can search on external storage devices or computers with different hard drive formats FAT, NTFS.

4. DiskGetor Data Recovery (trial)

DiskGetor Data Recovery can restore lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted data on all hard drive partitions. It can find different types of files such as documents, audio files, videos, pictures …

This tool can recover all data including individual folders or files. DiskGetor Data Recovery is a standalone tool that allows you to recover overwritten and old data by scanning sectors on your removable media and hard drive, finding and restoring the dump data.

5. DataRecovery (free)

DataRecovery is designed and developed to recover deleted or lost data for a variety of reasons on the hard drive. Recovers data on devices supporting NTFS protocol such as external memory card, hard disk, USB, portable hard disk … Recovering documents, installing software, media files.

You can optionally retrieve a folder, a file or all the lost data on your hard drive. DataRecovery has displaying details about each data in the program queue, such as directory name, file name, format or size as well as a very fast data scan,

6. PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery helps you recover documents, programs, videos, pictures which are accidentally deleted. It even recovers data on HDDs or damaged SSDs. With fast recovery speed, you do not have to wait too long to get your data back, and the chance to restore is quite high.

7. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is one such application that helps to recover lost or deleted data by accidentally and accidentally losing data on storage devices such as memory card, USB memory, hard drives. With this tool, you can recover files like image files, text files, video files, etc.

Notes to recover data more easily

To prevent data loss because of virus infection or accidental deletion, back up your files to online tools such as cloud storage! Also, make sure you have a separate partition to store data such as a folder in drive D or E, and do not save it on a computer screen!

Please note, ZIP files are easier to recover than other types of files! Also, the recovery files are in good condition when the file name does not contain special characters!

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