New technology- Evaluate Dell XPS 15 laptop 2016

2016 basically XPS 15 can be seen as an upgrade from the sample premium laptop Dell XPS 15 had been launched in 2015.Compared to the predecessor, though the Dell XPS 15, 2016 looks almost nothing changed in appearance, but in fact the manufacturer has been invested in upgrading the hardware rather more noticeable.

For example, the Dell XPS 15, 2016 has been upgraded to Intel Core latest 6th generation (6M Cache Core i7-6700HQ with, clocked at 3.50 GHz maximum reached), 8GB DDR4 RAM, SSD 256GB, nVidia discrete graphics GeForce GTX 960 m (capacity reaching 2GB graphics RAM), USB Type-C supports Thunderbolt 3, and preinstalled Windows 10.


Dell XPS 15 also has design 2016 ultra-thin screen, the camera combines aluminum materials – carbon into lemon.
2016 version of the XPS 15 (9550) also present at the Test Lab equipped with a 15.6 inch screen and support technology InfinityEdge reached a resolution of Full HD, anti-glare design, high brightness, promises to ensure quality good display of both when to use the machine in places where extra light sources. Dell XPS 15, 2016 also design applications combined aluminum materials – from carbon to chảnh predecessor.

From the actual exposure appreciate Test Lab Dell XPS 15 in 2016 to equip the entire carbon layer portion palm rest area is like the XPS 13 or XPS 15 samples which the company introduced last year each.Simply because this design not only looks sturdy product, which also brought up when feeling has to work seamlessly with the keyboard. In addition, the aluminum surface that Dell equips the XPS 15, 2016 the underside also very sturdy design, bearing capacity superior to aluminum lapto form Test Lab visited before.

Thanks InfinityEdge screen technology, the Dell XPS 15 looks neat 2016 than the same products 15.6 inch screen size.While a laptop is equipped with 15.6-inch screen, but the fact is that by designing the screen edges reach impressive thinness, XPS 15 2016 compact than rivals equipped with the same screen size drug. XPS 15, 2016 edition available in Test Lab generally quite light weight, weighing only 1,96kg range should also be easy to carry while traveling.Overall, the Test Lab really feel satisfied with the looks of this laptop. Although unfortunately only be classified in the segment of professional products at a price not cheap, but the quality of the XPS 15, 2016 Wall has yet to have improved markedly.

Due to the screen frame was peeling thin, so Dell had to arrange webcam at the bottom edge of the screen.
On the screen, based on the test results may be, Test Lab appreciate color reproduction capabilities of the 15.6-inch frame on the Dell XPS 15, 2016. The trial of contrast and brightness also see good results as expected and this helped also the color quality of the Dell XPS 15, 2016 is considered a good choice for customers who need highly accurate color images. Actual use frame also shows the XPS 15 15.6-inch 2016 also for good viewing angle, anti-glare capabilities and high image detail and there was nothing to blame. Still, if you use the machine in low light environments, XPS 15, 2016 will meet at 2 status yellowing side when viewed from rustic eccentricity angle greater than the screen. Fortunately, this situation only occurs in dark environments and much reduced when the display of bright colors.

Dell XPS 15, 2016 looks seamless and sturdy thanks to the aluminum layer under the machine is also very thick.
Also from the actual process used, design Test Lab found on the XPS 15, 2016 keyboard basic improvements XPS 13 than 2015 samples of each test. The most notable experience was the key on the XPS 15 journeys more comfortable in 2016, suitable for regular users to work with documents. Layout keyboard on the XPS 15, 2016 also have a more reasonable portion is no longer limited by the area used as brothers XPS with screen sizes of 13.3 inches only.

The touchpad also deserves a plus point from the Test Lab because the surface area of ​​a large, smooth surface, no hiss hands when using more sensitive and important as with most touch control operation of Windows 10. The function button mouse left / right and smooth operation and high precision.

Touchpad and keyboard of the Dell XPS 15, 2016 deserves a plus point for the perfect Test Lab.
With powerful hardware as mentioned from the beginning, the Dell XPS 15, 2016 had more than enough to pass the test of overall performance, graphics performance that is often used Test Lab. To be more specific, the Dell XPS 15, 2016 had more than enough for office tasks, browsing online updates daily or social network.

With the power of GDDR5 discrete graphics from nVidia users which can be on par with the GTX 750 Ti graphics on the desktop, the Dell XPS 15, 2016 as “tiger wings” and of course that could help users “balanced” good heavyweight titles of 2015 with setting high detailed graphics in Full HD resolution.However, some titles require power from the terrible graphics as Assassin’s Creed Unity will only be able to run smoothly on your Dell laptop if the graphics settings / resolution at a lower level.

Test results showed that Dell XPS PCMark 8 15 2016 deserves the title of good performance machine.The power from the graphics that Dell XPS 15 equipped for 2016 and GeForce GTX 750 Ti par on the Desktop.
Battery life test at Test Lab shows that, when using actual needs everyday office use, light image editing, the XPS 15’s battery can hold 2016 nearly 5 hours.Overall, good appearance, quality, color reproduction capability good, strong performance will last the plus point of the touchpad keyboard will help erase limited battery life of the Dell XPS 15, 2016.

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