This is an article for you who is an android programmer or just a beginner

If you want to get money from Android app, this website is the right address for you! Let read and know how to earn money from writing Android App!

So where does revenue come from?

When you program a game or application, you have the right to place ads on the application, and when the user downloads your application, if the ad appears and the user clicks on the ad, you will get money. However, the amount of money depends on a lot of factors.

With Android programming apps, you will sign up for a Google admod account, this is Google’s ad network, and currently, 90% of the apps are placed on this ad and because of its highest revenue rank compared to other ad networks. When the registration is complete, you will get the ad code put into your application, and it will appear if the user clicks on there will be money for you.

How to make money?

You should remember that to get money from the ads, the ads must show up, but to show up then the phone must then turn on the main network so we should focus on applications that require network such as reading the newspaper, listening to music, news and so on.

Once you’ve built an app and placed ads on it, you’ll have to sign up for a Google Play account and spend $ 25 on uploading your app to the Google Play app store for users to have. Can search and download your application to use.

Of course, your app needs to be useful enough, easy to use or attractive so that many people will choose to download it.

To sum up, you can make money on the application and you must do the following steps to be successful:

  1. Build apps/games
  2. Put ads on the application
  3. Sign up for a Google Play account to upload your app ($ 25-lifetime fee).

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