Google Cloud Services like Gmail, Market, and Maps

This Cloud into Device Messaging is a solution to send user on their Android handset real time notifications. This is supported by majority of the Google Services like Gmail, Market, and Maps. This messaging server\/service takes care of all aspects of queue and shipping of messages to target devices running programmer’s target apps. This service acts as a middleman between Android device and programmer’s App server. The OS version because of Android Device or emulator must be 2.2+. At least one user needs to be logged in Google user on device\/emulator. There should be one application server that join to server and may speak to HTTP.

Application allowed to connect to the web connection and should have permissions to get message. Developer must register on the official website of the service to find programmer quota for the cloud and also to utilize this technology for his application. Software should not be running by using broadcast system as these are delivered to the application to get push messages. Since it uses link to services it doesn’t create extra burden. The device into the cloud server link of Google relies on SSL protocol data shipping to device is secured. Broken connections are re established using heart beat implementation.

The framework for this service of Google does not provide any UI to show the push content material that is obtained. This frame allows the application to control the obtained message content that is raw. The application Can send a notification, display a custom UI, or silently synchronize data. The push message size limitation is 1K. The short data messages frame doesn’t give guarantee about shipping or order of push messages. This Google cloud program’s sender accounts may have daily limits on total number of messages sent in addition to messages sent per device. When Google service is down the program will find HTTP error code 503 along with retry value.

The application should respect these types of errors and it must have advanced error handling mechanism into place. The solution must have its own queue mechanism into place, that will be useful when the most anticipated feature of Google Android 2.2 service yields over quota error. Application server shouldn’t send large data, instead, it ought to send tickles to the program telling it into download latest data from server. This cloud At the service provides better user experience because of end user at no extra cost.

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