From light to the cloud: how Hollywood is developing?

Currently, we are already familiar to the transmission of movies and TV programs to digital devices through cloud utility service through Netflix, Amazon Prime, iPlayer and YouTube. Cloud computing can impact significantly on the production methods of this kind of entertainment.

Atomic Fiction of American and Canadian is a company performs visual effects for the film Beyond Star Trek, Deadpool and Allied, upcoming movies Brad Pitt.

But Laurent Taillefer, expert supervision of the studio computer graphics believes his company will be hard to compete with larger studios without the support of a strong cloud computing system.

He said modeling, which is the process of sorting all the major components of a film such as images, audio, graphics, a final version could take a lot of time and requires a huge computer system.

“The number of scenes we handle … the level of detail of the content, such as the reconstructed images of Manhattan look like reality in The Walk film by director Robert Zemeckis that requires invest an expensive computer system, which a small studio like us can hardly compete, “he said Taillefer.

As a result, Atomic Fiction uses a cloud rendering service called Conductor, a powerful computing system that company can access when needed.

“With Deadpool movie,” he says, “some scenes of the city there are too many details about the model and texture that makes the rendering requires larger memory capacity is available on standard PCs.”

“These cloud machines can satisfy storage that we need to up the scenes too complicated.”

“Actually attractive”

Two other companies also provide cloud service under Google are Rayvision and Zync with business model “only pay for what you use,” helps support the small studio to compete with the big companies in the world.

Simon Robinson, head scientist of The Foundry, a company specializing in producing software tools for the film industry said many film projects are interested in cloud in the ability to satisfy its huge capacity.

“When you can produce a product that only large companies can do that, it’s fascinating. Not only you have a large capacity, but also have access to ‘play’ with the big brother in the profession. ”

The time do not have cloud, the studios had faced many obstacles when processing huge data files, a problem arises when moving from traditional film to digital video.

To create the special effects for the film in the 21st century, we need to have a data processing system can only be done by supercomputer.

A film in the manufacturing process can reach a capacity of petabytes of data, the equivalent of one thousand terabytes of hard drive. And all of this data needs to be moved around to edit, upload, download, by many different teams involved in the process of film postproduction.

Obviously, we can clearly see the utilities of data cloud in a safe place far away but still accessible.


While the Giants are well- known about cloud services such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google owns the data centers have a large capacity to rent, the studios in Hollywood proved very slow to exploit the “common space”, they prefer to build private cloud infrastructures more.

Why? One reason alone, it is because the studios in Hollywood have invested too much money into the data centers and private cloud so they do not want to abandon the expensive things they have invested, although there are many other choices are cheaper.

Safety is also another concern.

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