Experts hesitate to work with cloud technology

More than half of IT professionals believe that the application of cloud computing makes their job more difficult.

Manufacturers offer cloud services, BetterCloud (US) has released a report cloud technology trend, which focuses considering G Suite (online office applications Google) and Office 365 will be the motivating factor growth hybrid cloud computing XaaS (everything can become a service).

The report pointed out the panorama of the market is quite promising, but is accompanied by the obstacle when the IT professionals do not want to use the cloud because it makes them more difficult to handle the job.

Scott Solomon – Director of Content Marketing at BetterCloud said in the former days, the IT department in enterprise only works with a few suppliers of hardware and software. When moving to the cloud requires a lot more vendors and the difficulty in finding people or support services. This makes the technology experts added pressure because there are problems or errors arise they cannot handle directly that requiring support from the service provider.


Survey results also showed that two thirds of IT professionals had concerned about the lack of budget to address the security risks related to cloud platform. Expected budget deficit situation continues in 2017 and this is not a good news for the departments in charge of technology in the business.

Tim Prendergast – CEO of cloud security firm said, now have a new perspective on cloud security to determine the core issues to be resolved and the importance of handling.

“Environment cloud basically is very different from traditional technology. Therefore, the central server systems require a completely new way to manage and measure the safety and compliance in the implementation “said Tim Prendergast said.

Report of BetterCloud  2020 predicted that 50% of businesses operate all technology infrastructure, their own information on the cloud platform, reducing the model of traditional IT technologies. So if you want to survive, technology professionals must adapt to the operation of the new model, the accumulation of knowledge, working with dozens of vendors and the implementation of measures to prevent risks in a professional manner . This makes many people do not feel comfortable in the current time of conversion, but this is inevitable if you do not comply will be eliminated.

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