EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

Sometimes carelessness in the use of computers will have significant consequences. For example, you accidentally click delete data files, important movies. In such situations, the recovery of data is very necessary. And EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will be one of the most effective solutions to recover data when you accidentally delete it or even by virus attack.

Main Features

The version that I am using is the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 11.6 which runs on Windows 10. It is the best-priced version ($ 69.95) and supports data recovery on most popular devices currently such as computers, laptops, electronics, hard drives, hosting and so on.

One of the impressive recovery features of this program is that it can help recover data from some incidents that are likely to affect data such as hard drive failures, virus attacks, and operating system partition loss. …

For portable storage devices, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional can help to recover data in case of corrupted or damaged USB memory sticks (Media / Drive is not formatted …), user errors like device withdrawal during recording, sudden power outage.

EaseusData Recovery Wizard Professional Interface

The interface of this software is quite simple, easy to familiarize. Do not be too confused during use. The essential items such as scan and disk access are also available on the main screen. In the first place, this intuitive interface will not make you too nervous.

In general, this interface is somewhat similar to Microsoft’s file management software. When accessing a drive through the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard, you will have the option to customize the display of image, document, audio and so on. It helps us find lost files easily.

Features And Performance

Regarding features, Easeus Data Recovery Wizard just does its job of recovering files; it does not versatile as other software. Thus its data recovery features are more professional. You will be provided with two scan modes to find lost files: Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

With Quick Scan, the scanning speed of this software is faster than Deep Scan, but the same performance is not equal. With Deep Scan, files that are hard to recover or have been lost for a long time will still have the hope of finding them again. And as mentioned above, this mode scans for a long time.

Data Recovery Experience

To test the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard, I purposely deleted about 1GB of the video I shot using the travel camera. Then use the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard to scan for deleted files. Easeus has discovered the deleted file.

The picture below is the result. The files are completely recovered, no signs of error

Installation Tips For Best Data Recovery Performance

Firstly, to avoid problems occurring while trying to retrieve lost files, it is better for you to install the software on a different drive instead of the one containing the lost files. Easeus Data Recovery Wizard uses a step-by-step approach, which provides instructions throughout the setup process. If you have experience, you can skip and create your settings.

You can create file filters that need restoration such as graphics, documents, videos, emails or zipped files. When the scan completes, the Easeus Data Recovery Wizard will display a list of files found and give the user detailed information on each file such as name, date, type, size. It also allows filtering results by path, date initialized, file preview.


Easeus Data Recovery Wizard is a good software, friendly interface, easy to use and highly efficient tool. However, if you are still using your old hard disk drive (HDD), the program is slow to scan.

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