Black Friday – Everything Was Discounted Except Bitcoin

It seems that many people did not make use of Black Friday to buy TVs and electronics, instead, they used their money to buy into Bitcoins.

Due to the widespread acceptance of hedge funds, the prospects for early futures and the increasing number of users, Bitcoin today hit $ 9,000 – the highest in history.

However, the new peak of Bitcoin is expected to decline at the end of the Thanksgiving week, partly due to the closure of US banks. At 6:51 pm on November 26th on Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin is trading at $ 9003.93. On Bitfinex, Bitcoin is priced at $ 8,975, and Bithumb (South Korea) is $ 9,286.

Bitcoin prices started rising yesterday when the market received more trading volume and early this afternoon, breaking the psychological threshold of $ 9,000.

While many financial experts still hold the view that Bitcoin is a bubble, so far the market has not received any “discharge” signs. That means a big and unexpected reversal is very unlikely at the moment. The bubble period usually ends with a large upward momentum and then immediately a wave of sell-offs (even larger).

The next Bitcoin psychological threshold is predicted to be $ 10,000. However, it is unlikely that Bitcoin will reach that threshold this year considering the total value of Bitcoin and its currency, Bitcoin cash, has exceeded $ 10,000. That’s because anyone who owns Bitcoin before August and does not sell the amount of Bitcoin cash that is given after the split is in the hands of Bitcoin worth more than $ 10,000.

Some experts, such as Tom Lee – the most pessimistic investor of Wall Street is gradually optimistic about Bitcoin. Mr. Lee has raised his forecast for the currency to $ 14,000

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