6 Must-Have Software For Small Business

If you are a corporation or a large enterprise, you have the financial backing and the need to rent or own a dedicated software that meets the needs of the business. That would be nothing to say. But if you are a small business or a start-up company, you need to save as much money as you can, but still want to ensure productivity, effective communication, automatic invoicing, project management, testing schedule, storage and so on, the following applications are indispensable:


Evernote is a too familiar name to many people. This software is so popular because of the utility that this app brings. Just select the images on the web, articles, URL paths, notes, to-do list … instantly this application will sync as well as upload all to all your devices.

You can review these data and organize and search your data, share it with others, or participate in group discussions. Overall, this is a handy app to help you keep track of all your company’s activities. If you need it, you can upgrade to a Plus account (about $ 30 / month) with monthly uploads from 60MB to 1GB, plus email and offline access. Also, Evernote Premium offers email search, PDF annotation, scanning and digitizing business cards.


Skype is a classic application, and you are probably familiar. Not only does it help you send messages, but also supports making voice or video calls for free whether you use a Windows, Mac, phone, or tablet

You can also send documents to multiple people at the same time, share your computer screen if you need to hear from other people or set up an audio conversation with up to 25 people.

The Skype for Business app also lets you integrate Outlook and make meetings with up to 250 people.

Google Docs

All businesses need good software performance, but that does not mean businesses are willing to spend a lot of money on Office 365. Google Docs includes the text editor, spreadsheet, and presentation software and make easy-to-use questionnaires with a variety of templates and tutorials makes it easy to get started

Besides, you can also expand the package with some add-ons, and many of them are free. You can also access data from any browser on any device. The most interesting point is that all documents are stored in the cloud, making it easy for you to share and edit a document.


Slack is a cloud-based solution that lets you communicate with more than one person at multiple locations. Just log in with an arbitrary number of users, and then you can create “channels” for different purposes: individual projects, clients, or any other purpose.

These channels can be private or public and are used to send messages, share images, and so on. All that you post is searchable and immediately synced via your computer and telephone.

A free Slack account only allows you to make calls between 2 people and only up to 5GB of cloud storage.


If you are a busy person and need to use the job application on the phone frequently, Wunderlist is a very potential application. With a simple, professional and friendly design to users, Wunderlist also can sync on a variety of devices from iPhone, iPad, MacBook to Android, Windows, Kindle, and of course the browser.


Trello is an application of web-based project management that can be used by households or businesses. This is a tool for effective collaboration that helps everyone in the group to just look at what head jobs, who are doing what, and when.

With this app, you can assign tasks to everyone in the group; they can add comments, notes, files and a few lists. You will receive a notification whenever there are any changes, and the search engine of this app is also great to help you find things easily.

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